Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crosby's Vinegar News

     I excited to announce that I now have four restaurants trying out my new vinegars, the Elderberry and Acorn.  If you're out and about at any of these fine dining places please ask about the new vinegars.  The Fire And Ice Restaurant in Middlebury is now using it at there salads bar.  Here is the link to there web site.  http://www.fireandicerestaurant.com.    Although they have only been using it for a short time I'm looking forward to hear any and all comments.   Zach's cafe at the Grand Isle Art works in Grand Isle Vermont is also trying it out.  I'm also looking forward to see what type of recipe Zach comes up with and how he uses it.  They have many special meal events so check the site often.     http://grandisleartworks.com/cafe-at-the-gallery/.

      Today I dropped off bottles of both my vinegars to the Storm Cafe in Middlebury. http://www.thestormcafe.com.   After talking with the owner/chef he was excited to try them both.  He mentioned using them possibly in his spring salad dressing and was going to experiment with a few new recipes.  And finally in Winooski, Vermont,  Misery Loves Co. also known as MLC a  newer restaurant on Main Street.   They have a really awesome menu using some foods you don't usually see in most restaurants.  They have a real nice bakery as well with fresh donuts daily.  Yum!! They have freshly roasted coffee which is exactly what I love, because I roast my own coffee at home and enjoy a great cup of fresh coffee.  He also mentioned he has already used acorns in one of his recipes.  I'll be interested in seeing what he does with the Acorn Vinegar.   Here is a link to there web site.  http://www.miserylovescovt.com.

In addition to these restaurants I also sent my vinegars to Best Of Vermont for sampling they are a distributor of Vermont food products that you can buy online.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

What's happening this Spring!

Vermont Stellar Designs is taking that next step in the craft world.    I now have items for sale at the Grand Isle Art Works.  Presently,  I have many blacksmithing items for sale including hooks, copper/brass spoon sets and my specialty vinegars.  I have many new items on the drawing board.  I will have cheese cutters, Damascus bottle openers and pendants available this year.  Also, look for me at the Brandon Farmers Market and  Middlebury Farmers Market this summer.   I'm also excited about sending my vinegars to Best of Vermont for sampling.  I have a few of the local restaurants in Middlebury interested in using my vinegars.  My big project I started this winter is my Crosby sign.  It will have many scrolls incorporated in the design.  It's all steel using square and flat stock.  The letters are hand drawn by myself and cut out using cold rolled steel.  It is riveted together using steel and copper rivets.  It's final home will be at the end of my driveway.   It will be approximately 40" long and about 30" tall.   Keep checking back for updated photos of its progress.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Custom Brass Wrought Iron Utensil Set

This is a custom made utensils set made from hand hammered brass and wrought iron. The iron is 1/4 in stock and the brass is 18 gauge. Overall length of the spoons and ladle are 15 1/2" long the spatula is 15 1/4" long and 3 1/4 wide. The ladle is 4 1/8 " wide and holds around 3 ounces. The handles are close matching and have a simple twist. Because everything is hand made, they are each different in there own ways and have minor imperfections. The holder and hooks are included. The length of the hanger is 9" long and each hook can be moved to add extra hooks for other utensils or pot holders. The hooks are made from square nails and the holder is made from 1/2" flat iron. All the iron is coated with bees wax to help protect the finish. The brass was just polished and has no coatings applied. It is recommended to hand wash and dry each piece after using. Brass will tarnish after time and can be polished with any brass cleaner. The iron will rust if left in water for any length of time. If you hand wash and dry after each use this finish will last for many years.   $175.00 for the set. 

Vermont Red Jasper Pendant

This Vermont Red Jasper pendant was recently made and is currently up for sale.  This Jasper was mined in Colchester Vermont many years ago.  The mine is not open to the public and is owned privately.  Shaped into a heart this pendant  is wrapped in 18k gold wire.  I use only the highest quality gold filled wire available to the market.  A combination of square and half round wire was used in the design.  A 18" gold filled chain is included with the pendant.  Please contact me if you are interested.  $85.00


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Crosby's Vermont Elderberry Vinegar

Crosby's Vermont elderberry vinegar was hand crafted using my locally grown elderberries from Leicester, Vermont.  Using a well know British recipe, only the ripest elderberries were used.   This unique vinegar has a fruity well balanced flavor and is loaded with vitamin C.    A  flavorful vinegar that can be used in your favorite salad dressing or or used in your favorite recipe.  Great on chicken or wild game!    Bottles are currently for sale for $12.00 plus shipping.   Please send me a message along with your address and I'll get back to you.   Also check out the link below for a special story about this specialty vinegar from Culinary Types.  Also check out the new Crosby's Acorn Vinegar also available.


Vermont Elderberry Vinegar
Crosby's Elderberry & Acorn Vinegar